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One more week you have been able to listen to one of our lawyers on CRÓNICAS RADIO commenting on legal news, a programme directed by Chalo Frías and Laura San José.

Here you can listen to a new programme of CRÓNICAS RADIO, with Chalo Frías and Laura San José, where our Lawyer explains the most important legal news of the week. We highlight: "The Spanish Supreme Court annuls the decision of a father to disinherit his daughter".


If you want to be informed about the legal field, in a fun way, listen to our Lawyer every week on CRÓNICAS RADIO, with Chalo Frías and Laura San José.

Lawyer Alicia Martín comments on the most important legal news in the CRÓNICAS RADIO programme, together with Chalo Frías and Laura San José.

Crónicas de Lanzarote has published the success of the "Jornadas sobre las medidas de apoyo para personas con discapacidad", organised by our Lawyer Elena Castro and others. A source of pride for this Law Office.


Our lawyer is a guest on the programme of COPE Lanzarote, directed by Leandro Martín, commenting on the latest news in the legal field.

Our Lawyer collaborates with Estudio 21 Radio explaining all the legal news. We highlight the Spanish Supreme Court judgement confirming the right of sex workers to have a trade union, among other news 


Once again our Lawyer collaborates with the radio station Estudio 21 Radio commenting on all the legal news of interest. This time we talk about the sentence of three years and nine months in prison for the driver who caused the death of three cyclists; and more news.


Our Lawyer comments on the latest news in the field of law on Estudio 21 Radio. Today we talk about: The SCS compensates with 500,000 euros to the family of a minor from Lanzarote who lost a leg; among other news.


The distinguished national legal media Noticias Jurídicas publishes the important judgement obtained by this Law Office, where the nullity of the IRPH is upheld after the last pronouncement of the Spanish Supreme Court.