ABOGADAS LANCELOT is a multidisciplinary Law Office, formed by women, specialising in Family Law, Labour Law, Banking Law and Real Estate Law.

Our head office is located in the centre of the capital of Lanzarote, Arrecife. However, we are active throughout Spain, with a strong presence in the Canary Islands.

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We are committed to society.

We have belonged to women's associations, trade unions, NGOs, the Board of the Bar Association, etc. This has influenced us and we are now a benchmark of success in other specialities such as Family Law and Labour Law, with a clear vocation to help. We care about you, we are different.


We have extensive experience in Banking Law. We have achieved many judgments recovering money from financial products. Among our successes, the first ruling in the Canary Islands obtaining the nullity of the IRPH of mortgages after the Supreme Court ruling of October 2020, which was published by important national media specialised in Law, such as Economist & Jurist, Noticias Jurídicas, Asufín and Diario La Ley, and even international media such as World Today News. 


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We also have excellent professionals in Real Estate Law. We can manage your deposit contracts, purchase or sale of your property and negotiate the best conditions for your mortgages. We can also manage your rental contract. 

We are also great professionals in Legal Training. We have been providing training, courses and competitive examinations for more than fifteen years, achieving a high rate of successful candidates.

Because of our professional trajectory we have an important presence on television, press and radio.  


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