We are proud to inform that the Diario ARA, leading newspaper in Catalonia, published last Sunday an interview with our lawyer Alicia Martín to talk about divorces in the Canary Islands.

The journalist Cesc Maideu contacted this Law Office to know our opinion about the high number of divorces in the Canary Islands, as lawyers specialised in Family Law. We leave you a small piece of the article:

<<In fact, the ranking of divorces in Spain in 2023 is led by the Canary Islands, with up to 247 divorces per 100,000 inhabitants. But in the first quarter of 2024, as Alicia Martín, director of ABOGADAS LANCELOT, a Law Office located in Lanzarote, says, they have ceased to be the first after "four consecutive years". One of the explanations she finds is that the Canary Islands is the community with the highest number of trials per inhabitant in Spain ... >> Read more

Thank you very much to Diario Ara and Cesc for wanting to know our work in the Canary Islands.

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