We are extremely proud to inform that on the 5th of February our Lawyer Alicia Martín Borreguero gave the Webinar: "IRPH in mortgages: nullity despite the Supreme Court?" in the prestigious Law Magazine "Economist & Jurist".

This training, given by the Lawyer who was in charge of the technical direction of the recent Judgment that declared the nullity of the IRPH despite the last pronouncement of the Supreme Court, lasted just over an hour and a half and was held in Webinar format (training offered in video format over the Internet). From this Law Firm, on behalf of all our team, we would like to sincerely thank this prestigious digital Legal Magazine for the interest shown in our work, the invitation to carry out this interesting training, as well as the exquisite treatment given by its Editor Mr. Javier Izaguirre.

For this Law Firm, so committed to this fight against IRPH for years, as well as to Legal Training, it is a real honour to contribute to this distinguished forum specialised in Law, which has such notable Speakers. We are at your disposal, thank you very much for your trust.


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