Alicia Martín Borreguero

Founding member and Managing partner of the Law Office ABOGADAS LANCELOT.

Law degree from the University "UNED", Spain.

Lawyer in practice with the number of Collegiate 470, registered in the Illustrious Lawyers Association of Lanzarote.

She successfully exercises her profession in the Specialties of Banking Law, Real Estate Law, Administrative Law, Medical Negligence Law.

She has occupied the position of Second Deputy of the Government Board of the Illustrious Lawyers Association of Lanzarote (December 2016 - February 2019).

She has served as President of the Red Cross in Lanzarote (July 2015 - December 2017).

She has also been a member of the board of the Sociedad Democracia Arrecife for eight years (February 2014 - May 2022).

She has had diverse jobs, such as being the Collaborating Agent of BANCO BBVA, Commercial Department of BANCO SANTANDER, FINANCIAL SERVICES of the LCI REAL ESTATE AGENCY.

She has worked in the UGT LANZAROTE UNION for years, becoming Coordinator of the Integral Employment and Entrepreneurship Service.

Attorney Alicia Martín is also a LEGAL TRAINER with more than fifteen years of experience, especially in ADMINISTRATIVE LAW OF THE CANARY ISLANDS HEALTH SERVICE and Gender Violence. She holds the title of Trainer of Trainers (ESSSCAN) and Occupational Trainer (ESSSCAN), among others.

During her life she has actively participated in numerous youth, social and women's assistance associations.

She has many different Masters and courses.

LANGUAGE: Spanish, English.