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abogadas lancelot en los medios

Our Lawyer participates in the programme "Buenos días Teguise" directed by the journalist Nuria Magrants. After the recent 40th anniversary, today we talk about the "Spanish Constitution".


At this time, in the programme "Actualidad jurídica", directed by the journalist Leandro Martín, we are talking about "Gender Violence 25N". Our Lawyer Alicia Martín participated, as well as Echedey Eugenio and the psychologist Nieves Hernández.

Lawyer Alicia Martín of our firm explains to us in the program "Actualidad jurídica", by Leandro Martín, the next banking scandal: The IRPH of mortgages.


On this occasion, our Law Office participated in the program "Buenos días Teguise" by Nuria Magrants, where, among other issues, "the IRPH of mortgages" was discussed.


Our Lawyer participates again in the program "Actualidad jurídica", directed by Leandro Martín and tells us about "Trade Unions", also participates the Secretary of Organization of UGT Lanzarote, Blanca Beortegui.


In the program "Buenos días Teguise", directed and presented by Nuria Magrants, our lawyer tells us about: "The Spanish Supreme Court and the Mortgage Tax".


In the program "Actualidad jurídica" directed by Leandro Martín, our Lawyer, this time explains the claim for mortgage expenses.

Our Lawyer speaks, in the program "Noticias Jurídicas" directed and presented by Leandro Martín, about Notarial Divorce, or other issues such as being a guardian of a person with Alzheimer's.

The journalist Aureliano Montero, from the programme "SOS Lanzarote", interviews our Lawyer about the important judgement won by her, obtaining the nullity of the employment list of the Arrecife Town Hall, categories Subaltern and Administrative.

The news of Canarias 7, journalist José Ramón Sánchez, published that our Lawyer Alicia Martín will occupy the distinguished position of "Diputada Segunda" of the Governing Board of the Lanzarote Bar Association.